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December 7, 2022

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Systech Digital Limited Praised for Timely Completion of DTTTI's Office Automation Software

The final inspection of Dhaka Technical Teachers Training Institute's (DTTTI) office automation software, comprising eight modules, was successfully conducted today. An external expert committee from the Ministry of EW&OE carried out the inspection. Additionally, a project review meeting was held, chaired by representatives from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), which funded the project.

The office automation software, developed by Systech Digital Limited, aimed to enhance the operational efficiency of DTTTI. The software encompasses eight modules designed to streamline various administrative processes, including student registration, course management, attendance tracking, resource allocation, and reporting.

The external expert committee, comprising seasoned professionals from the Ministry of EW&OE, conducted a thorough examination of the software's functionality and usability. After rigorous testing and scrutiny, the committee lauded the software for its seamless integration of modules and user-friendly interface. They commended Systech Digital Limited for their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the software met the institute's specific requirements.