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Testing Lab Process Automation System

Our Testing Lab Process Automation Software System is an advanced system for testing equipment data collection and complete management of statistics, traceability, database access, and much more. Easy to manage and fast access to your test results for a single machine, multiple machines, or even multiple sites. Graphical displays and process control give you an ever-greater means of putting your performance to the test.

Comprehensive BI Dashboard
Order Management
Automatic Invoice Preparation
Sample Collection
Multiple Lab Management
Compilation Dashboard
Report Management Dashboard
Total Lab Result
Location Management
IoT based Display
Login with Active Directory
Mobile Application
Audio Notification & Greetings
Dynamic User Management

All Features

Dynamic Dashboard

One stop solution for every aspect of maintaining memberships of clubs, associations and whatever you can name it.


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Systech Digital is one of the only 2 companies in Bangladesh that are CMMI - SVC level 3 certified. We are the best in class when it comes to providing software as a service (SaaS). We can even proudly say that we also provide the best after sales service with our 24/7 support and quality assurance team


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