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Nahid Mowla Mowri


Nahid Mowla Mowri is the Chairman of SDL; she is responsible for making the strategic plans, giving direction, and supervising the performance of Systech Digital Limited. As a professional with more than 18 years of interpersonal, communications, and negotiation skills, she is more goal-oriented with a passion to win.

She designed more than 300 projects' PIP for local & international stakeholders. She is tremendously skillful in identifying, establishing, managing, mutually rewarding, and keeping long-term relationships with key customers. She is well-known for branding products, maximizing operational excellence, and delivering financial performance.

Ms. Mowri has a proven track record in the skill development industry. She holds an MBA from the Asian University of Bangladesh, specializing in finance. She is always focused on financial strength for driving businesses toward ultimate success.

M Rashidul Hasan

Managing Director & CEO

Mr. M Rashidul Hasan is the Managing Director & CEO of Systech Digital Limited. As a successful software engineer and IT industry leader, he is constantly contributing to developing the local and international ICT industry. With his 20 years of experience in serving the ICT industry, he brought a significant change to the IT landscape of his country and now going beyond.

His entrepreneurship and mastering skills drew the attention of global IT leaders; his famous SDL earned popularity as a customized software solution provider for both the government and corporate sectors of Bangladesh and his company’s outsourced application development partners are active in Japan, the USA, Canada & some EU countries. For his great leadership, he was elected Vice President for running BASIS, the pioneer IT trade body in Bangladesh.

He always stands beside his government to make the vision of Digital Bangladesh true. He made a noticeable contribution to enriching Bangla Computing, and he frequently appears on TV for presenting IT education and business events.