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Industry 4.0:
What Manufacturing Looks Like in the Digital Era

Systech Digital Limited is working with state-of-art technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Big Data, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things and Intelligent Controls to serve you for the development of cloud and mobile applications, R&D on hardware and IT services.

Within 21 years of our journey Systech Digital served more than 3000 clients in 13 countries with having our global presence in the UK, Japan and Bangladesh.

Research & Development

We have a dedicated research and development team from the beginning of our company who always work for innovative solutions.

Smart Office/Smart Home

We developed the first smart office in the country using our own IoT technology, we also provide smart office and smart home automation services to others.


We provide custom IoT solutions. We developed the total automation systech of Intertek, a Thomas Alva Edison-founded company using our own developed IoT device.


iSafe is a product developed by our R&D team to provide hygienic, safe, and secure access to office employees using faceID solution.

We have a group of tech savvy people who are experienced in followings

We are one of the first few R&D service providers in Bangladesh. We have a separate department for R&D that helps with the design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing of solution-based custom hardware for IoT, AI, Embedded Systems, and NFC technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things (IOT)

Hardware R&D

Embedded System

PCB Design

Home & Office Automation

Industrial Automation

Cloud Computing

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

4IR Solutions

IoT LED Display Board

Brief Description

We make several 3’x3’ P10 led display panels which are 96x48 pixels each and a single 32x16 pixel display panel. The display panel will be capable of showing the intake number from the web with the help of a microcontroller and programs developed by the IoT team. The panel is wireless which means it communicates with the web over a wireless network. And it will be highly customizable. All the parameters like wireless credentials, server credentials, URLs are customizable when a user connects with the display through a hotspot.

Key Features

Physical On/Off functionality

Physical reset functionality

Display retrieved data from web URL.

Wirelessly customizable configuration interface.

Client Info

Intertek Bangladesh


LED Display, ESP8266, Wi-Fi Communication, Power Control, Web configuration, Web Communication.

IoT Smart Socket

Brief Description

Its main purpose was to turn off the power when your phone will be fully charged. There will be an app that will connect your phone with the smart socket if you give charge to your phone from that socket. Also, the socket can be operated remotely with the help of the app for any other appliances.

Key Features

Universal Travel Adapter with one fast-charging USB port and one AC port.

Built-in fast charger to charge your phone faster.

Onboard easily, replaceable fuse technology to protect your appliances from any electrical damage.

Built-in Wi-Fi technology to control the adapter from anywhere.

There is also a dedicated app to control it.

Client Info



ESP8266, Wi-Fi Communication, Power Control, App control, Altium for PCB Design.